Every year, the ACM holds a national programming competition.  McNeese participates in their region usually sending 2 teams of 3.  Here are the highlights in picture form!

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Every now and then you find a random shot of a dark building. Many suspect this is a building at LSU. We are waiting for confirmation.
Ah, Charles Coates Hall. This is the battle field for the honorable combat that will follow.

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The warriors prepare the night before by loading up on caffeine and chocolate and watching horribly bad monster movies. (Tremors 2)
"What did he say?"

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"I don't know."
"Don't take pictures of me, this early in the morning."

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"No, I haven't finished grading that homework yet."
"What is that in that chair?"

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"Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road!"
"And then they beat us up and took away our books. This guys play rough!"

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"I don't want to talk about it."
"Ok, fine, I'll grade that homework. I guess I can find out how LSU is doing later!"

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"You guys couldn't figure out these problems?"
Because everyone needs a random shot of a building in the daylight.

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Because everyone needs a random shot of a building as the sun goes down.
Because everyone needs a random shot.. oh, wait, I think I did that joke already.

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"And then they said, you can't take it with you."
And they feed you too!

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"You going to eat that?"




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